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Ultra Pro Solid Roller Needle Bearing Lifters

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Morel Ultra Pro Solid Roller Needle Bearing Lifters are simply the best made lifter on the market today.  At Morel bar stock goes in 1 door and finished product goes out another without depending on others.  Morel machines, heat treats, center-less grinds, and finishes these 100% in house. These lifter feature a tool steel body that is held to an OD tolerance of +.0003” and -.000000”. Machined from tool steel these bodies feature a 9310 axle held in place with loc wires. Every lifter is QC inspected and goes out the door with an RMA finish of 5. These lifters come with a lifetime rebuild program.

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U/P        Ultra Pro Pressurized Oiling to Axle Assembly
T/B         Tie Bar style lifter does not use OEM lifter retention
P/O        Pressure Oiling to Axle Assembly
O/C        Pushrod cup is on center in the lifter body
NBA       Nascar  Bearing and Axle Assembly for Endurance Applications
UFRS     Ultimate Fighter Roller Series Bushing lifter NO NEEDLES

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