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Ultra Pro Solid Roller Bushing Lifters

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The Morel Ultimate Fighter Roller Series (UFRS) of lifters uses bushings instead of roller bearings. Morel pioneered the use of bushing lifters beginning in 1990. Morel was granted a patent (US Patent US5127374 A) in January 1992, which ran for 17 years and expired in 2009. We developed the bushing lifters for the Buick turbo V-6 that ran races at the Indianapolis 500, when stock blocks were allowed. We were able to get 1500 race miles before the parts required rebuild at Indianapolis. The rpm range on the V-6 was 7000 to 8500, depending on the engine builder. Of course, the engines were maintained with proper engine oil, oil temperature and oil pressure.

The benefit of the bushing is more contact area between the axle and bushing, which allows greater load carrying capacity. These lifters also use our full time pressure oiling system that is used in the current Ultra Pro lifters with needle bearings. The other major benefit is that as the bushing wears, you will see additional lash. This tells you it is time to rebuild the lifter.  This type of early warning system can prevent catastrophic failure.   Lifters with roller bearings have no early warning  can be used until the bearings fail, which can have the possibility of additional engine damage.

It is important that no restrictors in the oil system be used with these lifters. Proper engine maintenance for the lifters requires clean engine oil and proper oil temperatures and pressures. Externally, these lifters will look almost identical to the corresponding set of lifters using roller bearings. The
bushings, like roller bearings, are concealed within the roller/axle/body assembly area.

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U/P        Ultra Pro Pressurized Oiling to Axle Assembly
T/B         Tie Bar style lifter does not use OEM lifter retention
P/O        Pressure Oiling to Axle Assembly
O/C        Pushrod cup is on center in the lifter body
NBA       Nascar  Bearing and Axle Assembly for Endurance Applications
UFRS     Ultimate Fighter Roller Series Bushing lifter NO NEEDLES

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