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Street Series

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Morel Street Series Retro Fit Hydraulic Roller Lifters by Morel are for the true American Hotrodder wanting to update their vintage muscle.
Our lifters have been designed to be used with mild to moderate lobe profiles up to .370” lobe lift. These lifters feature fully machined bodies to ensure proper fit. They feature a .700” wheel for OEM cam profiles and smaller aftermarket profiles. The axle assembly is machined and held into place with a loc wire ensuring that it can not back out unlike other manufactures that use staked axles which can work themselves loose.   All lifters that feature a tie bar will work in an original OEM block without any other modifications. One should always check lifter to lifter bore clearance for factory spec of .0015 to .0018”.  Please follow our instructions listed on the site for installation.

5290-2.jpg  5290-3.jpg

U/P        Ultra Pro Pressurized Oiling to Axle Assembly
T/B         Tie Bar style lifter does not use OEM lifter retention
P/O        Pressure Oiling to Axle Assembly
O/C        Pushrod cup is on center in the lifter body
NBA       Nascar  Bearing and Axle Assembly for Endurance Applications
UFRS     Ultimate Fighter Roller Series Bushing lifter NO NEEDLES

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