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Morel Pro Hydraulic Roller Lifters

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Morel Pro Hydraulic Roller Lifters are designed for max performance applications using hyd roller profiles. Fully machined from tool steel, these lifters are centerless ground to .0003” tolerance. Precision oil metering ensures minimal bleed down. Every lifter is pressure tested to validate this. Rollers are precision ground and matched to axle and needle assemblies to ensure specifications. These lifters feature a .750” wheel for the most aggressive
hyd roller profiles. These lifters are designed for rpm levels over 7000 with Hyd Roller Lifter proper valvetrain components.  Please use our instruction sheet for Proper installation of hydraulic roller lifters.  NOTE HI RPM LIFTERS ARE TO BE USED WITH 5W-30 OIL ONLY.

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U/P        Ultra Pro Pressurized Oiling to Axle Assembly
T/B         Tie Bar style lifter does not use OEM lifter retention
P/O        Pressure Oiling to Axle Assembly
O/C        Pushrod cup is on center in the lifter body
NBA       Nascar  Bearing and Axle Assembly for Endurance Applications
UFRS     Ultimate Fighter Roller Series Bushing lifter NO NEEDLES

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