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Straub Technologies first formed its relationship with Morel back in 1998. Morel first entered the racing lifters market in 1992 after spend 2 years developing a bushing lifter for the Buick Indy Program.   Granted a patent in 1991, Morel entered into lifter manufacturing.  The plant is 100,000 square feet with 3 production lines dedicated to lifter production.  Heat treating is performed in house with is a hermetically sealed unit using different gases for controlling the heat treatment quality. This combined with a full Metallurgical lab, Morel takes the product from raw material to finished product under one roof.  With over 100 pieces of specialty equipment in the plant for making lifters and gears, Morel is tooled to take on any project  The plant was started by Ed Morel's uncle over 60 years ago. Ed has worked there over 30 years and bought the company 20 years ago. Ed is a graduate mechanical engineer. The plant manager is also a graduate mechanical engineer. Our designer is an engineer with 35 years of tool and die, plumbing, electrical, electronic, programming and hydraulic experience.

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